Auto Injury Accident in Independence MO

After an auto accident in Independence MO you may suffer from muscle stiffness, neck pain, or a traumatic injury. All of these conditions are related to your musculoskeletal system being out of balance. Fortunately we can help you here at Rickman Chiropractic. Steven Rickman, DC delivers full-service chiropractic care to treat auto accident injuries and provide natural pain relief.

How Do I Know If I Have Whiplash After an Auto Accident?

Whiplash starts with a neck injury or upper cervical spine injury after an auto accident. Due to the impact of the car crash your neck is jerked unwillingly. This can cause the neck muscles to tear or the vertebrae in the upper spine to become dislocated. When this happens it leads to inflammation and swelling, which ultimately leads to stiff neck muscles and a lack of mobility. This is whiplash, and we can treat this neck condition at the earliest onset following your auto accident. 

What is Causing My Back Pain Following My Car Crash?

Just like whiplash, during an auto accident your body is jarred and this can cause your musculoskeletal system to get pulled out of alignment. Both your spine and back muscles can be misaligned, which puts unwanted pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles. When this happens it leads to back pain, particularly lower back pain. You may also have a herniated disc or bulging disc in your vertebrae caused by the impact of your accident. This also causes severe back pain. 

What Will a Chiropractor do to Treat My Auto Accident Injuries?

The first step is diagnosing your auto accident injuries using digital x-rays as needed. We also provide chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine and muscles. From there we can use acupuncture, both with and without the needles, along with muscle stimulation, corrective exercise protocols, and intersegmental traction to treat your aches and pains. 

Meet Our Chiropractor in Independence MO

Following an auto accident you need to seek a chiropractor in Independence MO for an adjustment and chiropractic care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Steven Rickman at Rickman Chiropractic, takes a holistic approach to treating auto accident injuries. Contact us at (816) 350-0020 and as a new patient receive a free consultation.

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