Chiropractic Therapy and Corrective Exercises

If you’re visiting Rickman Chiropractic for an injury, chronic pain issue or other problem, don’t be too surprised if your chiropractor in Independence, Dr. Rickman, recommends not just chiropractic therapy but a series of corrective exercises as well. That’s because these two healing modalities naturally complement each other’s effectiveness as a holistic or “whole body” treatment strategy. Here are just a few of the ways these two forms of care can help you feel and function better:

  • Strength and support – If weak back or neck muscles have contributed to a painful posture problem and/or spinal misalignment, corrective exercises can be prescribed to lend new strength to those muscles — resulting in better spinal support and making it easier for you to maintain the correct posture after we’ve corrected any subluxation through chiropractic treatment.
  • Increased mobility – Stiffness and lack of mobility may be partly due to faulty joint position and partly due to tight, unyielding muscles and connective tissues. Exercises such as gentle stretches can gradually lengthen and limber up these structures, allowing you to make full use of your joints once again.
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention – The same injuries that can knock your joints and vertebrae out of alignment (sports injuries, auto accidents etc.) can also do extensive damage to other tissues, including strains, sprains and nerve damage. In these cases, our chiropractor in Independence may add corrective exercises to your treatment regimen so you can regain function as quickly and completely as possible. we may then recommend ongoing exercises, combined with periodic chiropractic screenings and “maintenance adjustments,” to help you resist future injuries.

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Two forms of therapy are often better than one, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective team than chiropractic therapy and corrective exercises. Find out for yourself how this combination can brighten your quality of life. Contact us at (816) 350-0020 to get the help you need in Independence, Blue Springs, or Lee’s Summit!

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