Headache Treatment Options From Our Chiropractor in Independence

Headaches can vary considerably in specific symptoms, intensity, and frequency – what they all have in common, however, is that they make life more difficult for those who suffer from them regularly. While an occasional headache can be frustrating, repeated headaches, or headaches that last for extended periods of time, can make it impossible to live the life you want and deserve. As your chiropractor in Independence, MO, we want you to know that help is out there. We offer treatment options that may get you the relief you need from your headache.

What Causes Headaches?

Researchers have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to identify the cause of headaches, but a definitive answer that encompasses all the different headaches people experience has yet to be found.

Some of the most common types of headaches include:

Tension Headaches

As the name suggests, tension headaches are the result of tension in the body, usually the neck or back. The tension can put pressure on nerves that ultimately lead to pain in the head. A large portion of the headaches people experience is tension headaches. Fortunately, chiropractic care can be quite effective for treating tension, and therefore tension headaches.


Research of migraines is ongoing, with mixed results. Understanding of what is happening physically in the brain during a migraine is growing, but so far this knowledge has not lead to a “cure”. Thus far the best solution for migraines is lifestyle changes – learning to avoid the things that lead to migraines to lessen their frequency and their intensity.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Headaches

Most people who suffer from headaches find limited relief in over the counter painkillers, prescription medication, and other standard medical care. Chiropractic treatment offers another option for addressing headaches, one that is gentle, non-invasive and designed to have as minimal side effects as possible.

Some of the treatments we offer for headaches include:

Manual Adjustments

If your headaches are the result of pressure on nerves, one of the most straightforward solutions is to remove that pressure. Spinal misalignment, where the vertebrae or discs are not in their proper positions, can be a source of significant discomfort both in your back and throughout your body – including your head. By manually adjusting your spine to return proper alignment, we can do a lot to take pressure off of nerves and reduce inflammation.

Massage Therapy

The tension that leads to tension headaches can radiate throughout your soft tissues, particularly your muscles. Massage is a way to relieve that tension, breaking up adhesions, improving circulation and encouraging your body to stay in property alignment.

Lifestyle Advice

We are knowledgeable about the conditions that make headaches and migraines more likely. We can work with you to redesign your daily life to help prevent headaches and lessen the severity of symptoms when they do occur.

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