At Rickman Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing the finest care and utilizing the latest technologies to help you live to the fullest. Whether you are suffering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain or just want better health, at your Independence chiropractor we offer a range of services to fit your specific needs. Non-invasive and gentle, chiropractic care is appropriate for all ages and effective for a wide variety of health issues.

We Offer A Variety Of Treatment Options in Independence, MO

As your chiropractor in Independence, MO we are your resource for chiropractic and alternative care. Our holistic service offerings include the following:

Prone Specific, Diversified, Thompson and Activator Techniques

Dr. Steven Rickman is experienced and trained in the latest chiropractic techniques and methods, making him an excellent choice to provide care for pain relief, overuse injuries, auto accident treatment, pediatric care and more. He is skilled in prone specific, diversified, Thompson and activator techniques, each of which offers different advantages depending on your injuries and treatment needs.

Auto Accident Treatments

Auto accidents are one of the top reasons why patients come to Dr. Rickman. Whiplash, misalignments, spinal injuries, neck injuries, knee injuries – whatever the type of injury resulting from your auto accident. Our chiropractor will conduct a careful examination and administer the appropriate auto accident treatment designed to help you recover from the accident, minimize your pain and regain range of motion.

Pediatric Treatments

We offer pediatric treatment for children and infants that struggle with digestive issues, ear infections, scoliosis, torticollis, feeding issues, bed wetting, sleeping difficulties and more. Pediatric treatment is gentle, safe and effective for helping your child feel better and improving his or her health.

Therapies Including Muscle Stimulation, Intersegmental Traction and Exercise Protocols

Depending on your circumstances, we may choose from a variety of therapies to provide relief, including muscle stimulation and intersegmental traction. We can also teach you corrective exercises that are designed to strengthen and correct the irregularities in your body, allowing you to take your healing even further.


Acupuncture (both needle and non-needle) can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and muscle tension, among other benefits. Dr. Rickman can provide both types of acupuncture (both needle and non-needle), allowing him to treat you with minimal discomfort.

Digital X-Ray

We offer on-site digital x-rays, which means we can get a clear picture of your injuries to provide the best care. On-site digital x-rays also means we do not have to wait to view your x-rays, speeding up your diagnosis and treatment.

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