Chiropractic Therapy from Our Chiropractor in Independence

Were you recently injured in a car accident or while playing sports? Perhaps you have a medical condition that causes ongoing back pain. Chiropractic therapy could be ideal for treating your pain, whether chronic or acute.

Our chiropractor in Independence, Dr. Steven Rickman, is committed to addressing your unique concerns. From back and neck pain to headaches and muscle tightness, our services can improve your overall health and wellness to support a happier, more active lifestyle. Rickman Chiropractic is pleased to serve patients in Independence MO, Blue Springs MO, and Lee’s Summit MO.

The Goal of Chiropractic Therapy

When your joints and their supporting structures function abnormally, chiropractic therapy can help, especially if the trouble area is in the spinal column or pelvic region. Every chiropractic visit begins with a consultation and evaluation to pinpoint where the pain is located and determine the best treatment for you. Take a look at our chiropractic therapy techniques that aim to reduce your pain and help you live life to the fullest.

Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustments involve manipulating the spine to realign your vertebrae following an injury or the onset of a chronic condition. At Rickman Chiropractic, our spinal manipulation techniques fall into one of these four categories:

  • Prone specific – This is when our chiropractor in Independence uses his hands to adjust the position of spinal vertebrae.
  • Diversified – The chiropractor begins with a low-amplitude motion and switches to a high-velocity motion to deliver a restorative thrust to the misaligned area.
  • Thompson – Our chiropractor uses a table with drop pieces to facilitate a more thorough spinal adjustment.
  • Activator – A spring-loaded medical instrument called an activator delivers fast, efficient pain relief.

Electric Muscle Stimulator

An electric muscle stimulator, or EMS, is a small device that attaches to your skin via several electrodes placed strategically to target injured or damaged muscles. The EMS device sends controlled electronic pulses to your muscles, stimulating your central nervous system and causing your muscles to contract.

The purpose of an electric muscle stimulator is to strengthen and relax your muscles, thus helping to manage your pain. The FDA approves and regulates the use of EMS for rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes.

Corrective Exercises

Once your pain has subsided substantially, your visits to see Dr. Rickman will decrease, and you can begin performing corrective exercises at home to accelerate your healing. We’ll recommend the right exercises for you based on where your pain is located and any physical limitations you still have.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Independence

If you’re interested in trying any of our effective therapies, we invite you to contact our chiropractor in Independence. We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs and wellness goals and craft a treatment plan that will work for you. We serve Independence MO, Blue Springs MO, and Lee’s Summit MO.

To learn more about reducing your pain with natural chiropractic therapy, please call (816) 350-0020 or request your consultation online.